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         Your personal online trainer - Karen Roberts


Certifications - National Academy of Sports Medicine

Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

Women's Fitness Specialist (NASM)

Senior Fitness Specialist (NASM)


Education - Bryan University

 AOS-Advanced Personal Training and Exercise Science


In the past I struggled with weight issues, and one thing I learned was that a “one size fits all” weight loss/ fitness method is just like a “one size fits all” garment; it only fits SOME...not ALL. After finally reaching (and maintaining) my weight loss goals, I wanted to help others find THEIR way to lifelong fitness.

I’m a “regular” girl...I admit, I LOVE chocolate, pizza, candy bars, and PASTA!!! I “troll” Facebook, watch YouTube videos, and binge Netflix just like everyone else. Like many people, I don’t enjoy running, and honestly, I don’t actually LOVE working out! BUT, here’s the deal...I came to a point where I realized that in order to GET the body I desired, I HAD to put in the work! I don’t count calories, but instead adhere to a diet that gives my body what it needs to function properly. I DO exercise regularly, and my workouts cater to MY “favorite” forms of exercise. The key is to do exercises you enjoy that will get you the results you desire; that’s why Fitness Your Way is different from the “other programs” out there.




I’ve realized that long-lasting fitness will be achieved if one works within a program specifically designed for “their way”.

For some, that might mean not being stuck in a gym using machines all the time, or feeling like they are being scrutinized by others, or not knowing what exercises would work best for them because they can’t afford a trainer. Many have a busy lifestyle and want the freedom to workout at their own pace and at whatever time they desire.

Fitness Your Way is all about determining your exercise preferences, your schedule, your strengths, your timeline for achieving results, and last but not least, your budget! It provides an individualized program tailored to your unique path, starting with where you are right now, then with your goals in mind, working closely together to attain those goals. As your coach/mentor/motivator I will give you the tools to get you where you want to be, and help keep you there. You bring the desire to succeed, the program will provide the motivation and support to follow through. And together, we’ll do Fitness Your Way.