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Online Coaching

Hiring a personal trainer to motivate you in person sounds great in theory, but it may not be an option for you. It might not fit your budget or your schedule, or maybe you prefer the convenience of exercising at home.

Rather than meeting with a personal trainer at your gym once a week, you’ll connect with one virtually. We create a program specifically for you, that’s delivered digitally in our FREE phone App.




  • Greater flexibility - workout time and place is totally up to you.

  • Lower cost than an in-person trainer.

  • Ongoing support and accountability of your fitness goals; guidance to stay on track.

From my experience, a personal trainer in a gym can range from $50–$75 (or more) an hour on average (depending on where you live and what gym you go to, of course). If you want to work with a trainer three times per week, that adds up to $600–$900+ a month. On the flip side, online coaching programs that provide the same amount of workouts, could be as low as $150 a month.